Periodontal Treatment manages and prevents advanced periodontitis


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Periodontology treats the diseases of the periodontium, namely the tissues that surround and support our teeth.

If damage to these tissues is not treated in time, you will lose one or more of your teeth in the future.

Gingivitis is the initial stage of periodontitis, and it produces an intense inflammation of the gums (bleeding, red and swollen gums) and extensive deposits of plaque. This inflammation in the gums is the result of a lack of proper and systematic oral hygiene, non-regular visits to the dentist (you should visit once every six months for check ups and scaling), smoking and eating habits which damage your teeth (eating sweets, soft drinks, coffee).

Gingivitis will develop into Periodontitis if it is not treated. The inflammation begins to extend deep into the gums, creating “periodontal pockets” (areas with damaged periodontal tissues). The symptoms of periodontitis are receding gums (which seem to be further away from your teeth) which become detached from your teeth.

As Periodontitis progresses, teeth become increasingly unstable. The inflammation continues to develop and reaches the bone (the root of your tooth rests on the bone) and begins to destroy it. This makes teeth so unstable that they may even move (tooth movement) and there is puss between the tooth and the gum which leads to a persistent unpleasant odor.


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Periodontal Treatment in Glyfada

Periodontal Treatment Manages And Prevents Advanced Periodontitis.

Our Treatment Methods For Periodontal Disease are:

Non Surgical Therapy

To slow down the disease’s progression using periodontal tools and ultrasound

Surgical Treatment

To regenerate damaged periodontal tissues and to reduce periodontal pockets

Laser Therapy

To remove infected tissue and disinfect periodontal pockets so that healthy tissues can regenerate.

Dental X-Ray & Diagnostics

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