Teeth whitening is a groundbreaking method that will give you a dazzling, healthy white smile

Teeth Whitening

The result of the whitening is both impressive and entirely natural.
Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a groundbreaking method used in aesthetic dentistry to give a dazzling, healthy white smile.

It is essential that clients have a thorough dental check-up to find and solve dental problems as a prerequisite to dental whitening treatment.

Clients’ teeth should also be thoroughly cleaned to remove plaque and to reveal the teeth’s natural colour as we will use that as the basis for our work.

Dental Whitening has been scientifically proven to be safe (as long as it is done by a qualified Dentist). We apply a whitening substance (hydrogen peroxide) to the buccal surface of the tooth. The bleaching agent is activated and then broken down with the help of a special lamp. This process releases the oxygen which breaks down the stains on the teeth without without destroying the enamel.

Beautiful White Teeth

Teeth Whitening In Glyfada
For A Perfect Smile
Teeth Whitening

Τhe Result Of The Whitening

 is both impressive and entirely natural. The reason for this is that our teeth vary in whiteness and the action of the bleaching agent reflects this, meaning that you get the white and totally natural result that everyone is looking for.


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