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Ultra Thin Veneers

Our Ultra Thin Veneers “E-max press” are the best that modern Cosmetic dentistry has to offer.
Ultra Thin Veneers

Ultra Thin Veneers “E-max press” veneers are the best that modern aesthetic dentistry has to offer. They are the best solution if the appearance of your teeth is bothering you in some way. Maybe it is the shape of your teeth? (long teeth or short teeth). Maybe there are large spaces between your teeth? Or are you unhappy about their position? (a little protruding, or maybe an underbite).

“E-max press” veneers are one of the best solutions. They are extremely thin porcelain surfaces (with a thickness of only 0.2 mm) and their strong core makes them so durable that you do not even need to brush your teeth.

Their innovativeness, however, lies in their excellent aesthetic performance. Ultra thin veneers have a shine and a surface that give a great effect which looks just like your own teeth.

Clients’ teeth must be prepared directly before the veneers are bonded to their teeth.

Ultra Thin Veneers
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