Our Partners

The team consists of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, the Endodontist and our skillful Dental Technician

The Dental Clinic is strengthened by a strong dental team of specialised partners which ensures that the best possible results are achieved in all cases.

The dental team works conscientiously from a patient’s very first visit through until their dental work is finished. Teams are always fully aware of the ideal treatment plan for each patient, and always take time to understand what each individual patient needs and wants.

XO CARE digital dental suite

Technological Equipment

We Use State Of The Art Dental Suite. The “XO” Dental Unit was chosen on the basis of hygiene, disinfection, asepsis, ergonomics and the patient’s comfort.
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Cosmetic Dental Office

Visit Our Dental Clinic in Glyfada

Dr. Cristina Morfiris’ Dental Office is equipped with a “XO CARE” state of the art digital dental suite and cosy lounge for your comfort.
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