Our Dental Surgey is equipped with an 'XO CARE' state of the art digital dental suite.

Technological Equipment

Designed By The Famous Designer “Jacob Jensen”.

Our Dental Surgery is equipped with a “XO CARE” state of the art digital dental suite which was made in Denmark and designed by the famous designer “Jacob Jensen”.

The “XO” Dental Unit was chosen on the basis of hygiene, disinfection, asepsis, ergonomics and the patient’s comfort.

Our dental suite is exceptionally high quality and has detachable parts which are removed and sterilized before and after each surgical procedure. This prevents microorganisms from being transferred.

The unit’s operation and performance is carried out digitally to ensure that every dental operation is handled with maximum accuracy and precision.

The dental unit is controlled entirely by a foot switch so that the dentist only touches sterile surfaces during the treatment.

The innovative features of the XO mechanism are at their best in the Smart Link program, which handles all the dental programs via a computer.

Applying rigorous methods of sterilization to prevent transmission of microorganisms is a key priority at the clinic.

At Christina Morfiri’s surgery, we adhere strictly to the entire cycle of sterilization, from the initial stage of disinfecting the instruments used for each patient to the final stage which is putting them in a Class B autoclave which ensures that they are 99.99% sterilized.

Our Dental Office is equipped with a state-of-the-art, very high resolution dental camera which allows us to have a more accurate picture of the patient’s treatment.

We always take photographs of the clinical condition before and after treatment, both for the patient’s clinical history and also ensure the patient’s expectations are met.

The dental camera displays a live image on a screen and the patient can see the effect of the treatment in real time, as he is given a full and detailed picture of the work being done.

The Bleaching Lamp used in the surgery meets the highest European standards.

By using this specialised lamp we can activate the bleaching agent we have applied to the surfaces of the teeth. This releases oxygen, which neutralises any dark discoloration which may have accumulated on your teeth.

The lamp is used for between 10-20 minutes each session, on the basis of a strict protocol so that the surface of the tooth is not eroded. The sessions are performed exclusively by the dentist herself.

This method of whitening is safe for the health of the tooth and is totally painless for every patient.